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Jans Metal Works is a full time service metal fabrication center, that has been providing expert service in the east valley for over 35 years.
Welcome to Jan's Metal Works!

Jan’s Metal Works is a family owned business located in Mesa Arizona. It is a full service fabrication shop capable of welding, shearing, bending, and rolling many types of metals and composites. Jan's has over 200 yearsof combined experience providing products for various markets including Semi-Conductor, Aerospace, Medical and Government Agencies.  The employees are highly skilled technicians with experience in machining, fabrication, and the manufacturing of specialized tooling and machines. Do you have a project that needs a production run? No matter what material: steel, aluminum, plastic or carbon fiber, Jan’s can accommodate you and get your project to your customers. Are you in the market for a resistance brazer? The shop currently manufactures its own production brazers that are intended for use in large electric motors/transformers. Jan’s has the capacity for many types of welds including tigging, migging, and arc welding. If it’s not a hands on approach you are looking for, Jan’s has many machines for cutting and punching steel as well.  For precision cutting maybe the automated plasma, or waterjet cutter is what you are looking for. Jan’s has a close proximity to Phoenix, Gilbert, Tempe, and Chandler, so stop in with your questions today.



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