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Jans Metal Works is a full time service metal fabrication center, that has been providing expert service in the east valley for over 35 years.
Our History
Jan’s Metal Works, Inc. has continually evolved from our humble beginning in 1975 as Jan’s Iron Works. With only one employee and using some specially designed automatic equipment, we manufactured ornamental iron furnishings for the public on a volume basis. Previous experience in off-highway traction equipment, such as diesel locomotive and open-pit mining trucks, led us in 1979 to develop an automatic armature TIG welding machine capable of producing 1400 welds in twelve minutes. This was adopted by the industry as a standard by which all other equipment was measured. We also developed portable electric brazing equipment for silver soldering large buss bars and field poles in large DC electric motors. Our brazing equipment is currently used by mining equipment repair shops around the world. We also designed a fully automatic stress-relieving machine for commutators on large DC electric motors. Since all this equipment has an extremely long life and the market for it is relatively small, our manufacturing facility was not being utilized to full capacity. A decision was made in 1982 to open the facility to serve the local community. We now serve the electronic, food, heavy equipment, manufacturing, transportation, education, and medical industries plus municipalities and the general public. Jan's Metal Works, Inc. currently employs many highly skilled technicians with broad experience in machining, fabrication, and the manufacturing of specialized tooling and machines.
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